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Mi artwork is a constant search for Freedom through art. From Wild Horses that gallop freely, and transcend the corral limits, to woman that show themselves without veils. The skin is the Surface that receives life experiences, everything I live, images from my day by day, the passing of time in space.


These are some of the themes I work in my artistic exploration, searching for meaning, the root of my thoughts and feelings suspended in time. My pieces became an out of phase communication of my life, a disguise. Inspiration is our everyday life that gets attached to our skin like invisible tattoes. Magic is on the skin, and the skin is like paper. It doesn’t forget. Everything that I put down on paper is an invisible registry of my invisible world. This is my motto as a paper lover artist, this is my excuse as a pretty untidy woman, and this is my costume over the scars and beautiful marks that life gives me. 

My art travels around my body as a map of daily experiences and adventures, traumas and pleasures, converted in these stories I tell between canvas and paper. Mi art is the passion with no limits, the transformed pain, and the joy of continuing to tell more stories.

Photo Ceci Candiani

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