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1991, march 11 th. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started studying art in 2009 and never stopped exploring and creating. I work with painting, printmaking, drawing and photography, mixing techniques and using collage as the most creative way to expose my ideas.​ With an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, a short career in Art History and another one in Creative Photography, I nurtured myself and studied for several years the vast and complex world of the arts. Two years ago, I dropped out of a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and a beautiful collaborative and experimental lithography workshop, in order to begin a personal journey to other cultures. I wanted to learn and work on new techniques. These past years I had the opportunity of assisting in several art residencies all over the world which give me opportunities to connect with other artists and techniques.


I am currently traveling and working in Australia. I try to find in every destination printmaking workshops and meet local artists along the way, to learn from them and share our pasion for art.  Lately, I’ve been learning to create homemade paper, learned about eco printing techniques and other more sustainable artistic practices to implement in my projects. 


My creative process became a raw and fresh exploration. This constant  experimental practice portrayed nature and fate as masters of inspiration. My goal is to keep learning about the printmaking world and unify this technique with other forms of expression. Right now I'm trying to dabble into more experimental and wider projects like installation.


Photo Ceci Candiani


Photo Ceci Candiani

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